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Michaels Credit Card Review: How to Apply? (Pros & Cons)

Published On January 5, 2024

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In this article, we will learn about the Michaels credit card, which offers a out of the box opportunity for its loyal customers to earn 9% in rewards every day on every transactions—this is the highest reward rate ever! Provided by any of the card company

You can apply for the card online at or in-person at any Michaels store in the US. This special offer is for makers, artists, educators, decorators, and all creative individuals who want more value from their favorite arts and crafts destination.

It’s another way Michaels is making it even more enticing for creative people to choose them for all their crafting needs.

Introduction to Michaels Credit Card

The new Michaels Credit Card gives their customers more value and flexibility while shopping perticularlly at Michaels, Heather Bennett, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce of Michaels.

Shared the information as You can now earn 9% in Rewards every day, along with promotions and special offers.

The Michaels Credit Card Makes the updates as, Michaels Rewards Program, which helps in letting cardholders triple their Rewards on everyday purchases. Even if you’re not a cardholder, Rewards Members still earn 3-6% in everyday Rewards.

This card allows creative individuals to get more value on their favorite arts and crafts supplies, décor, and gifts. The Michaels Credit Card is issued by Comenity Capital Bank, a subsidiary of Bread Financial.

Bread Financial is excited to work with Michaels on a credit card program that gives art, craft, and décor enthusiasts more reasons to choose Michaels for their creative needs, said Val Greer, EVP, and Chief Commercial Officer at Bread Financial.

We’re proud to partner with them and bring these benefits to their most loyal customers, looking forward to its growth.

How to Apply for Michaels Credit Card

To apply, you only need any credit card from a service provider. Follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official Michaels website

2. Click on the Registration Tab and enter your existing credit card details.

3. Authenticate through your bank to activate your card.

4. Your card will be sent to your provided postal address.

Steps to Michaels Credit Card Login

To access your account, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Michaels website.

2. Fill in your login details, including the username and password sent via email.

3. Authenticate your login with the OTP provided.

4. After OTP authentication, you can log in and access your Michaels Credit Card services.

Pros & Cons of Michaels Credit Card

Advantages of Michaels Credit Card:

1. High Rewards Percentage: One major advantage of the Michaels Credit Card is the opportunity to earn 9% in Rewards every day. This high reward percentage, combined with promotions and special offers, provides substantial value for frequent shoppers.

2. Triple Rewards for Cardholders: Cardholders can enjoy the benefit of tripling their Rewards on everyday purchases. This triples the value of the Michaels Rewards Program, making it an attractive option for those who regularly shop for arts, crafts, décor, and gifts.

Disadvantages of Michaels Credit Card:

1. Limited Acceptance: As the Michaels Credit Card is specific to Michaels stores, its usage is limited to this particular retailer. This might be a disadvantage for individuals who prefer a more versatile credit card that can be used at a variety of merchants.

2. Potential for High-Interest Rates: Like many store-specific credit cards, the Michaels Credit Card may come with higher interest rates compared to general-purpose credit cards. This could be a drawback for users who carry a balance, as it may result in increased costs over time.

It’s important for potential cardholders to carefully weigh these advantages and disadvantages based on their spending habits and preferences before deciding to apply for the Michaels Credit Card.


In conclusion, the Michaels Credit Card is an exciting addition for customers seeking more value and flexibility in their arts and crafts shopping. With the ability to earn 9% in Rewards every day and triple Rewards on everyday purchases, it provides a fantastic opportunity for creatives to maximize their benefits. Whether you are a cardholder or a non-cardholder Rewards Member, Michaels is dedicated to enhancing your shopping experience and bringing added value to your favorite arts, crafts, décor, and gift purchases. Partnering with Bread Financial, Michaels aims to further grow and evolve this program to better serve its loyal customers in the world of creativity.

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FAQs of Michaels Credit Card

You’ve got three easy options to check your Michaels Gift Card balance:

  1. Drop by any Michaels store and just ask a cashier to check it for you.
  2. Hop online to and check your balance there.
  3. Give Michaels a call at 1-800-MICHAELS.

No, Michaels Credit Card Accounts are provided by Comenity Capital Bank. However, please note that you can’t use the Michaels Credit Card on, for Photo Gifts, Photo Prints & Personalized Gifts at Michaels, on,, and for purchasing Gift Cards at Michaels Stores when shopping online.

Well, Michaels, the craft store, came up with Michaels Rewards. It’s super easy – anyone can join for free, and you get 3% back in rewards for every purchase you make. Plus, if you spend $300 or more in a year, they kick it up a notch and give you 6% back in vouchers that you can use when you shop there.

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