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47+ Fake Loan Companies: Don’t Get Scammed – Watch This Now!

Published On January 8, 2024

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Nowadays, you might have heard cases arising about fake loan apps and digital lending platforms. These types of companies have been fooling people with their tactics, by offering attractive loan offers.

There is an exceptional rise in the scam cases that customers are facing through digital loans. Due to huge debts, job losses, and medical expenses, lots of people are using these quick loan apps to meet their financial needs quickly.

Now, governments also taking action to shut down these types of apps. But all the efforts go in vain if the borrowers stop downloading and borrowing money from fake loan apps.

For that, we are here to help you out by making you aware of what fake loan app is, how they operate, how can you identify them, and how to protect yourself from fake loan apps. We will also give you the list of Fake loan apps in 2024.

What are Fake Loan Apps?

Fake loan apps act as a trustworthy source for obtaining loans, but in reality, they have dangerous motives and they serve as mobile loan apps. This application targets those people who require financial help.

They promise that they will provide quick and easy loans with not-so-complex processes. After the customer borrows the loan from these apps, they show their true self by threatening and cheating the customers.

Why are Fake Loan Apps Harmful?

Fake loan apps can be harmful to you because they can create a tremendous financial loss. In case you are scammed by the fake loan app, you will end up with damaged credit, large debts, and identity loss. Google Play Stores removes this type of app from its database from time to time. 

Some of the users get a bill of double the loan amount that they took. They used to continuously get threatening calls to repay the loan amount. This type of scam is happening in other similar fake loan apps. So, you need to be aware of where you are getting a loan and, is it a credible source and trustworthy.

How to Identify the Fake Loan App?

  • Check website security: The genuine website will have a secure website, where the URL starts with ‘https.’If the website starts with ‘http’, then be cautious because it may not be a secure website.
  • Watch out for fees: Fake loan apps may ask you for the fees. They will promise that it will deducted from the loan amount to repayment amount. So be cautious if the lenders ask for any fees for processing the loan.
  • Avoid tempting offers: You need to be careful with tempting offers. Some fake loan app uses attractive offers to trick customers. You should take your time while making decisions to avoid falling into this type of scam.
  • Review Terms and Conditions: The real lenders will provide the standard terms and conditions. Also, you need to be cautious of fake loan apps that offer terms that seem too good to be true, because they have hidden agendas.
  • Check App permissions: Fake loan apps will ask for unnecessary permissions to access your data. So before giving any permission to access your phone’s data review it carefully.

How to Get Protection from Fake Loan Apps?

You can protect yourself from fake loan apps by considering some important things.

  • Before applying for the loan, make sure to do your research thoroughly. Check whether the app is trustable or not. You can do this by checking online reviews and, the company’s website and contacting customer service directly for your query.
  • The true loan apps will not even ask for upfront fees for the processing of the loan. If any loan app asks you for any kind of fee, that’s a red flag that they are a scammer.
  • Do not give access to your personal information with any loan apps. You just need to share the necessary information that is required to process the loan. Do not share your bank account details, credit/debit card details, or identity number, if you are not sure about the app is legitimate or not.

List of Fake Loan Apps in 2024

We’ve a list of fake loan companies, we’re sharing it here that can helps to find easily.

Cash AppsCredit Apps
Agile Loan appCredit App
Aladdin LampCredit Basket
Angel LoanCredit Bucket
Apna PaisaCredit Cube
Cash AppCredit Express
Cash BucketCredit Flow
Cash CreditCredit Genie
Cash CubeCredit Guru
Cash ExpressCredit Hub
Cash FlowCredit Junction
Cash GenieCredit King
Cash GuruCredit Kumar
Cash HubCredit Loan
Cash JunctionCredit Mahal
Cash KingCredit Master
Cash KumarCredit Mine
Cash LoanCredit Ninja
Cash MahalCredit Ocean
Cash MasterCredit Palace
Cash MineCredit Paradise
Cash Ninja
Cash Ocean
Cash Palace
Cash Paradise
Cash Park
Cash Point
Cash Power
Cash Prime
Cash Queen
Cash Raja
Cash Ram
Cash Rani
Cash Rocket
Cash Rush
Cash Safari
Cash Secret
Cash Shop
Cash Smart
Cash Solution
Cash Star
Cash Street
Cash Sultan
Cash Super
Cash Supreme
Cash Tiger
Cash Treasure
Cash Tree
Cash Triangle
Cash Tsunami
Cash Turbo
Cash Unicorn
Cash University
Cash Vault
Cash Vega
Cash Venus
Cash Victory
Cash Villa
Cash Vision
Cash Volcano
Cash Voyage
Cash Wallet
Cash World
Credit Cube
Credit Express
Credit Flow
Credit Genie
Credit Guru
Credit Hub
Credit Junction
Credit King
Credit Kumar
Credit Loan
Credit Mahal
Credit Master
Credit Mine
Credit Ninja
Credit Ocean
Credit Palace
Credit Paradise


Fake loan apps are a serious problem that is growing rapidly these days. You should take certain steps to protect yourself from fake loan apps. You need to do your research thoroughly, about terms and conditions, credibility of source, customer reviews, etc. You also need to skip companies that ask for fees to process the loans and ask you about your personal information. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insight to protect yourself from fake loan apps. Stay tuned for this type of article in the future. Till then be cautious and protect yourself from fake loan apps.

FAQs on Fake loan companies

How do Fake loan companies work?

Fake loan companies work by tricking you into giving your personal information. They also ask for upfront processing fees for the loan process. Once they get your information, they will use it to commit crimes.

How can I identify a fake loan app?

To identify the fake loan app, you can check their website’s security, look for hidden fees. You need to be cautious of tempting offers. You need to review the terms and conditions and check app permission.

How to protect myself from fake loan apps?

It is important for you to conduct a thorough research before apply for any loan. You need to avoid the apps that ask upfront hidden fees and never share your personal information. Check the legitimacy of the app by reading customer reviews, company’s website and contact customer service.

Wondering if a loan company might be trying to trick you?

Keep an eye out for these signs: They ask for money upfront before giving you any services or showing you paperwork. If they want payment in untraceable ways, like cash, prepaid cards, or cryptocurrency, be cautious. Be wary of supposed government agencies calling or texting you, saying you owe money. Also, be cautious about loan offers that come in over the phone.

What if you fib to a loan company?

They might say no to your loan request. If they catch your lie, they could demand you pay back the loan right away. If you get approved for a loan you can’t really manage, you might run into money troubles. In a worst-case scenario, you might even land in jail.

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