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Atlas Credit Card Review: How to Apply? (Benefits)

Published On January 8, 2024

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Earlier this year, Axis Bank introduced the Axis Atlas card. The bank quietly developed the Axis Atlas credit card, giving it an Axis Magnus treatment. This revaluation aims to improve the base reward rate which makes the card even more attractive.

We are going to discuss in detail about Atlas credit cards in this article. We are here to help you choose the right card with our years of experience in analyzing the financial sector. Let’s find out if this card is worth applying for.

What is the Atlas Credit Card?

The Axis Atlas credit card is designed for those who frequently travel with a focus on providing travel benefits. The card offers a tiered benefit structure, which means the more you spend, the more benefits you can enjoy Axis Bank has significantly expanded its list of transfer partners, which makes it one of the best options in the country these days.

As stated before the card operates on a tier system consisting of three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This tier structure is related to many airline and hotel loyalty programs and will provide increased benefits as you move up the tiers.

Your tier will be determined by your annual spending on the card. Starting at the base level, Silver Tier, you can progress to the Gold Tier by spending 7.5 lakhs in a year.

The top tier, Platinum, is achieved with an annual spending of 15 lakhs. Each tier will come with its set of benefits and in the Platinum tier, you will also receive 2 airport pickup services.

Why do you need the Atlas Credit Card?

There are several benefits of the Atlas Credit card. Let’s look into some:

  • Reward Rate 2%: The recent update to the Axis Atlas credit card has addressed the concerns about a low reward rate on nontravel spending. With the new reward structure (2 EdgeMiles per INR100 spent), the card now offers a minimum reward rate of 2%, which is quite good.
  • Good conversion ratio: The card will provide a long list of transfer partners, which is a feature commonly associated with premium cards from providers like Amex and Citi. This extensive transfer partner list is currently considered one of the best in the country.
  • Accelerated miles: Recognizing its nature as a travel-focused credit card, Axis Atlas offers accelerated rewards points in travel spending. Cardholders will receive 5 EdgeMiles for every spending on airline websites and Axis’s TravelEdge portal, with no upper cap on the accelerated reward points.
  • Free Lounge Access: The complimentary domestic and international lounge access will extend to both the primary cardholder and accompanying guests. This inclusive feature is beneficial, especially when the accompanying person does not have lounge access. Axis Bank’s tie to the lounge access tier helps maintain the feature for genuine users.
  • Tier Achievement: Axis Bank has implemented a thoughtful approach where the achieved tier in a given year remains valid for the next year as well. For example, if a cardholder reaches the Platinum Tier by spending a certain amount in a year, they will retain the Platinum Tier benefits for the following year which ensure an extended period of benefit achievement.

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Reason to Avoid Atlas Credit Card

The Atlas Credit Card has its drawbacks. Let us look into some:

  • No Multiplier reward points: Unlike other specific spending categories, you won’t be able to earn accelerated reward points for transactions on Graddeals and GiftEdge on the Axis Edge portal. However, you can still have the option to choose cashback instead of accelerated reward points.
  • Insurance Spend Limit: The card doesn’t earn EdgeMiles for insurance spends of INR5,000 or more. This limitation, clearly stated in the terms and conditions, could be a downside as insurance payments are important. One way is to use Amazon vouchers for making insurance payments.
  • No Annual Fee Off: There is an absence of an annual fee waiver, especially for the customers in the Gold and Platinum tiers with spending levels of 7.5 lakhs and 15 lakhs, which is a drawback. Providing an annual fee waiver for customers reaching these spending levels could have enhanced the card’s attractiveness.

How to Apply for Atlas Credit Card?

You will get two options to apply for the Axis Bank Atlas credit card: one is through visiting the nearest Axis Bank in your city and through an online application.

  • Visit the official Axis Bank credit card website
  • Now, click on “Apply Now” to move further.
  • Fill in the online application form wi1th your details.
  • Upload the required documents such as PAN card Xerox, Form 60, proof of income, residential proof, etc.
  • Now review and submit your Atlas credit card application

How to login to Atlas credit card?

To log in to your Atlas credit card,

  • Go to the official Axis Bank website.
  • Click on “Login” in the top right corner of the Axis bank website.
  • Select the “Credit card login”.
  • Enter your credit card number and password.
  • Finally, click on “Login”.

If you have any inquiries while completing documents, feel free to reach out for assistance. You can contact us either by phone at 903-258-9965 or electronically via email at to obtain the information you need.

Who will be Suitable for Atlas Credit Card?

The Atlas Credit card is suitable for regular travelers with high annual incomes of at least 9 lakhs for salaried and 12 lakhs for self-employed. It is suitable for those who spend heavily on air travel and hotels ideally over 5 lakhs per year and can easily reach the required spending threshold to unlock the highest tier of rewards.

However, you need to note that the annual fee is 5900 INR and high spending is required to maximize the benefits.

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Pros and Cons of Atlas Credit Card

High rewards rate for travelHigh annual fee
Tiered benefits based on annual spendingHigh spending requirement
Airport lounge accessLimited non-travel benefits
Additional travel benefitsNo golf or insurance benefits
Welcome bonus of 5,000 Edge MilesFocused on travel, diminishing value without frequent travel
Gamified experience with badges


Comparing the Atlas credit card to Axis Bank’s Miles & More Credit card, which caters to international travelers, the Atlas card stands out as a fully loaded card. It offers a premium experience associated with ultra-premium credit cards which makes it an excellent choice for those with high spending potential. If you are looking for three top premium cards from Axis Bank, then the Axis Atlas, Axis Magnus, and Axis Vistara Infinite can be a good combination.

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The Axis Atlas credit card operates on a tier system, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. Your tier is determined by your annual spending on the card, starting at the Silver Tier and progressing to Gold and Platinum based on spending thresholds. Each tier offers different benefits.

The joining fees and annual fees for the Axis Atlas credit card are INR 5000 + GST. There is no fee waiver based on spends. Understanding the fees is crucial for potential cardholders.

EdgeMiles earned on the Axis Atlas credit card can be converted into airline miles of various airlines. The card provides a list of transfer partners, although it’s important to note specific ratios, such as the odd 2:1 ratio for Marriott transfers.

The Axis Atlas credit card offers an accelerated reward rate of 5 EdgeMiles for every INR 100 spent on travel, specifically on airline/hotel websites or the TravelEdge Portal. However, this rate is not applicable on certain websites like MMT or GoIbibo.

Pay the monthly fee, and use your Atlas card to make purchases. Pay on time or let SmartPay handle it automatically, ensuring you never forget. Atlas shares your positive payment history with all three credit bureaus, boosting your credit score.

If you use an identity provider to log in to Atlas, you won’t be able to remove your account on your own. Just get in touch with your identity provider, and they’ll help you delete your Atlas account.

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